Bactrian girl born on Good Friday, 2017

at Stoneboat Farm.

Very thin young female on her way to

Stoneboat Farm.

Watch her progress

right here!  We will continue to post updates!

Welcome Taban!

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Daughter of Ruthy 


​Double Jeopardy (DJ)

New Arrival!

Welcome to the world Vanna!

We are excited to announce the arrival of Taban, a one year old female Bactrian camel to our farm!  She is very thin and has not had much human contact.  

Watch her progress as we help her to become a happy and healthy camel,

as we have done with many other camels coming through our doors.


Taban is a traditional name meaning Splendid or Shining.

We believe this "diamond in the rough" little girl is going to become exactly

what her name means in Mongolia, where Bactrian Camels originated from!