Blue Bonnet was born in June of 2001 in Wisconsin.  She is dark brown.  Her sire is Imax and her dam is Blue Bells.  Blue is a gentle girl and a good mom.

Reggie and Humphrey are going to be awesome riding Camels when they are older.  They are both very social and love children!  Reggie was born on March 6, 2016.  Humphrey was born on March 11, 2016.

Taban was born in September of 2014 and came from Kentucky. She is beautiful fawn color.  Tabby is a great girl, gentle and smart.  She loves people and enjoys 

meeting kids and families during our Behind the Scenes Kids Adventures and Camel Encounters!



Blondie was born in March of 2009.  She is fawn colored and came from Illinois. Blondie is a gentle girl and a wonderful mother.  Blondie is also trained to do rides. 


Rudy was born in March of 2005 in Washington.  She is light brown.  Her sire is from the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City and her dam is from the Minnesota Zoo.  Rudy is a great mother and a very nice girl.

​​Foundation Herd





Shamrock is an awesome riding Camel and loves children!  He is available for Municipal, Charitable, and Special Events.  Stoneboat Farm Camelids is a USDA Class C Licensed Exhibitor.  Shamrock was born on March 17, 2005 in Wisconsin.  

White camels are rare.  There are not many white Bactrian Camels in the US.  DJ is white and BOTH of this parents are white.  He has been proven to have white offspring many times.  he was born in March of 2000 in Wisconsin.  DJ's sire is Dually and his dam is Alecia.

Double Jeopardy