​​At Stoneboat Farm Exotics, we specialize in Bactrian Camels.  Our passion for Camelids began in 2004 with the purchase of three Huacaya Alpacas.  We acquired our first Bactrian Camels shortly after.  We now also have other unique and exotic animals on the farm!

There are only approximately 800 Bactrian Camels in the United States.  

A small number of these magnificent animals are white.  

We have rare white Bactrians!  Our youngest was born in March, 2017! 

A family run business, we personally care for all our animals.   

All of our animals, including the Camels are living and thriving in Wisconsin!  

They love the cooler summers, with the breeze off Lake Michigan, 

and they love playing in the snow in the winter.

Stoneboat Farm Exotics offers many Bactrian Camel Experiences!  
For scheduled rides and events, please see our
Experiences Page.

Door County is a great place to vacation any time of year! 
Arrange for a visit, tour our farm and enjoy your stay on the beautiful Door Peninsula.

Camel Milk Soap and Fizzy Bath Bombs handmade at Stoneboat Farm and sold here!

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About Us

​​​​Stoneboat Farm Exotics may at times have some of these young Bactrian camels for sale!  

We pride ourselves in raising camels with gentle temperaments, great conformation and perfect humps. Please see our For Sale Page for availability.​​

​​Stoneboat Farm Exotics is a USDA Class C Licensed Exhibitor.