Retired from show jumping, Tessa is now enjoying life at home on the farm.  She is learning Western Dressage and roping!  Tessa likes children and loves to be brushed!


Retired from show jumping, Majic is now enjoying life at home on the farm. He misses going to horse shows, but still likes getting all pretty for rides and parties and loves children!


Jackson is a really fun guy.  He loves children and loves to be groomed! Jackie loves to jump and loves to learn new things!  He will follow you anywhere for a carrot!


Zellie is a great girl!  She loves attention and adores children!  

She's best buddies with Majic and is usually hanging out with him!  Carrots are Zellies favorite treat!


Addy is a very sweet girl.  She is a little shy since she had never been worked with before coming here last spring, but she loves people and loves to try new things!  

Quin Tessa

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